NEW MUSIC: Bancali – Fire

What’s striking about 19-year-old Norwegian producer Bancali is the versatility and consistency of his productions in the past month alone. Five finished projects, pretty well-produced, one track really stands out.

Undoubtedly there’s a lot more unfinished work on his workstation somewhere in Oslo, but every track that actually made it onto Soundcloud sounds different. There’s some Spinnin’-ish EDM (Dutch house, still a thing) in there, some current main stage ‘future’ house music and there’s this one track that stands out even more. ‘Fire’ does sound a lot like that ‘future’ subgenre. Though this track doesn’t sound as forced as your average bedroom producer currently aspiring to put a signature on a Spinnin’ record deal. Not as fast, intentional sloppy rhythm, sounds like a great daytime track.


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