Remarkable production titled ‘LOSTBOI’ via Isotopia Records. Baby Raptors combines memorable songwriting and rock solid instrumental production with 80s influences – without going overboard / gimmicky with that last one.

Baby Raptors is the project of NYC based singer/songwriter Tora Fisher. And in the past few months the New York vocalist has been getting increased attention through a delicious self titled ‘Baby Raptors’ EP. After release, different tracks from the EP have been getting official videos, including ‘Strings‘ and most recently ‘LOSTBOI‘ – both featuring World Yoyo Champion Gentry Stein.

This one track that really stands out from the EP, ‘LOSTBOI’, is written by Fisher and half of Brooklyn producer duo Party Supplies, Justin Nealis. It’s a ~95BPM slow jam, very well produced by the duo and NYC producer John Young.


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