NEW MUSIC: Arman Cekin ft. Paul Rey – California Dreaming

Ever since Kygo’s first success, a lot of new producers emerged in his wake to shape up the tropical house genre. And sure, tropical house has become a bunch of run-of-the-mill tracks that all sound like waterpark and/or elevator anthems. But right after coming to that conclusion, there’s always that one track that manages to disprove it.

So here’s the guy to pull it off. Arman Cekin’s ‘California Dreaming’ has been trending on blogs, Youtube/Soundcloud channels and social media in the past week. And for good reason. Next to checking all the boxes for being the standard template for any tropical track, Cekin together with vocalist Paul Rey manages to put together a song that is contagious, credible and increasingly good on replay.

Featured image Paul Rey


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