NEW MUSC: Jakoban & D!avolo ft. Gaby Henshaw – Stay

Pretty much half of all electronic music that is being passed around for blog features at this point is (future) bass music or trap stuff. Production quality is mostly not a problem. However, finding those few unique bass tracks that actually bring something new to the table is something that requires a little more patience.

This is where this new Jakoban and D!avolo is worth a mention. Jakoban & D!avolo is a producer duo from Romania/Germany who have had their fair share of well know remixes published on streaming sites. A few months ago they shared a remix on Rihanna’s ‘Needed Me’. Individually Jakoban is mostly known through other Future Bass remix collaborations with artists such as Damned, Brevis and Not Your Dope. D!avolo has mostly been getting attention through his own original tracks such as ‘Bounce’, ‘Into Your Arms’ and ‘Ocean’. Both producers have mainly been working with different popular EDM-based subgenres.

Hate to be the nostalgia guy, but something about their new track ‘Stay’ definitely has a Flux Pavillion / Doctor P ‘Superbad’ vibe about it – although this one sounds a bit friendlier. Which is what makes it stand out from the flood of bass tracks that is being published daily. Like that old track by Flux Pavillion and Doctor P, Jakoban and D!avolo play around with physical instruments such as piano and brass in ‘Stay’. It’s an edge, something to experiment with. Hopefully the instruments itself are not something that is going to be copied to death. But the simple idea of trying something new, hopefully that is something that catches on a little more.

Next to being a little more innovative, Jakoban and D!avolo set up a track that has an interesting buildup and a payoff that is – in part thanks to those interesting instrumental choices – memorable. After hearing a list of current bass tracks, this is definitely the one to remember this week.

Featured Image Gaby Henshaw


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