NEW MUSIC: Madeline Tasquin – Future Telephone

Getting into music by Madeline Tasquin, there’s definitely a lot of beautiful work to slowly dive into. This week the Canadian/Californian musician is sharing her newest EP, called ‘Future Telephone‘.

It’s a seven track EP, with ‘Future Telephone’ (below) as title track. The leading song is about Tasquin’s own experiences in a long distance relationship: “The lyrics of this tune are paraphrased from actual lines and emotions spoken and felt by myself and my (now ex-) sweetheart in a long period in different timezones, when our words and intentions got lost in pixelation thanks to these future telephones we were trying to communicate complex emotions through.”

If ‘Future Telephone’ is something you like, listening to the rest of the EP is going to be a really good ~22 minutes. The EP itself – at least for Tasquin – seems to be more about communication. Or miscommunication between people, to be more exact: “I feel like our communication as a species is rife with misunderstanding, riddled with assumption and an epidemic single-mindedness. These songs carry with them a hope that we can regain some of our natural empathy and the humility that comes with some sense of the vast complexity of life and all things.”


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