INTERVIEW: Kuiters announces new EP, talks future production and workflow secrets

While we’re setting up a Skype call with Daniel Kuiters he’s casually strolling through a mall somewhere in Odense, Denmark. The young Dutch producer has been on our radar for quite a while now, putting out a constant stream of quality music he likes to simply label as ‘future’ music. He doesn’t even seem to be in a hurry while he eagerly shares his thoughts about music production, his favorite new artists and the people who’s been supporting his music.

Kuiters just turned twenty last December. Since his birthday, the Dutch producer worked out eight new tracks on his own Soundcloud page and another four tracks on his other Soundcloud page. “Last week we had a few days off from school, so I managed to finish five more tracks.”

Five, in just one week. The pace at which Kuiters makes his music – one of those tracks that got finished last week didn’t even take much longer than four hours from start to finish – is mind-boggling. “I just picked up some tutorials for FL Studio on Reddit during the summer of 2013, and just started messing around in FL after that.”

Messing around does feel like an understatement. Future bass fans collectively started noticing Kuiters just a year ago after the Dutch teenager worked out a VIP mix with Dallas based producer Medasin. “I think we started collaborating just a little while before his name really started picking up a lot of followers. And in turn, the track we did together helped me reach a lot of people as well.” After that, Kuiters garnered up more support from reposting tastemakers such as Wonderlust, Dope Mag, TRILLERS, TOO LUSH, rosé, Night Owl Collective, Only Delusions and Surreal Recordings.

‘Secrets don’t make music’
“I think it also helped that I made some tutorials on YouTube”, and just a few seconds later he’s laughing as us: “I think you mean one thousand seven hundred!”. No, we actually said seventeen thousand views on one of his tutorials. “Sorry, I kind of forget about YouTube after a while, never really use it that much. Wow shit, that’s a lot!”.  For a producer who’s been at it for barely three years, sure it does sound like that.

“When I started I was watching these SeamlessR videos on Youtube. He said something along the lines of ‘secrets don’t make great music’. I get that. And there weren’t that many good ‘future’ (the genre -JP) tutorials around at the time so I figured I should just make a few.”

But when asked for his ‘secrets’, Kuiters admits to being a little conflicted: “Sure, I want to share the way I do things. Just not everything, there has to be something unique to my sound as well. I hope people don’t just copy my workflow but actually learn something new and do their own thing with it. ” He’s got some advice though: “I do tend to keep my projects very tidy. Everything has its labels and its colors, I really value a good workflow.”

FL Studio starters might want to follow Kuiters on Youtube, as there will be more tutorials in the future: “I will be doing a bass tutorial, and maybe something on how to deal with writers block or something. It’s going to be a motivation vs. will power kind of thing.”

‘20’ EP
And finally, Kuiters also shares some info about his upcoming EP: “It is going to be called ‘20’, I’ll be dropping it somewhere this month on Soundcloud and Band Camp. A few of those tracks I just finished are going to be on there.”

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