NEW MUSIC: Flight Facilities – Stranded feat. Broods, Reggie Watts & Saro

Last week’s biggest inbox surprise comes via Glassnote Records: Flight Facilities working together with Broods, Reggie Watts and Saro on this beautiful, teasing song titled ‘Stranded’.

The Austrlian duo’s ‘Stranded’ is different from the usual composition you’ll hear in pop music of late: “Given an opportunity, with 7 of the most talented musicians to ever cross our path, we wanted to bring something special to life.” ‘Special’ means that throughout the first four minutes of the song there’s little relief. Just different verses in the song – pefectly performed by Broods, Reggie Watts and Saro – that seem to build up to nowhere. Up until the 04:09 mark.

That unusual long buildup falls into place if you pair up Flight Facilities ‘Stranded’ with the video, directed by Tom Noakes. Each movement in the video lines up with the tension in the song. The video about a simple embrace between two lovers – which was recorded in a decommissioned prision in Sydney – is best explained in Noakes’ own words: “I trust it’s a common human experience no matter who you are or where you’re from. A sherman returning from sea, refugee, soldier, explorer or inmate; that singular embrace has the personal significance of a neutron star…To cinematically convey this emotion, I’ve taken the ‘kid being carried to bed,’ metaphor I used before, literally. To reduce a hulking inmate to a weightless child being lifted by his lover.”

Next to Reggie Watts, Broods and Saro, Flight Facilities work together on ‘Stranded’ with Touch Sensitive (bass), Piers Lane (piano) and Stella Mozgawa (drums). Next to the performing musicians, Flight Facilities also called in Grammy-Award winning musicians Eric J Dubowsky and Davide Rossi to work on the composition. Check out their golden collaboration below:


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