NEW MUSIC: Niklas Ibach ft. Dan Reeder – The Blues

This new Niklas Ibach track pretty much hits every mark on the tropical house checklist. Finger snaps, mellow guitar, tropical-sounding synth is there. Hell, the cover art even features a model. And it turns out to be a very popular track.

It is a good track of course, mostly thanks to the Dan Reeder vocals. Not sure if it’s a sample from somewhere – the way the vocals are handled sure feels like it is a sample. At the same time Dan Reeder actually might have recorded this specifically for Ibach to work with. It looks like both of them are located in Germany, so there’s that.

There are some interesting things going on with the instrumental track as well. Niklas Ibach doesn’t follow the usual rhythm pattern of a 1/16 bar, four bars. The chords and the vocals start over after six bars, other than the usual four or sometimes eight bars. Which at first might sound a little odd, but it is something that makes this tracks just that little bit more interesting. Furthermore, but this is mostly a personal preference, some elements like the snares sound a little out of place. And sometimes the track feels maybe a little too minimalistic to make it sound ‘full’.

Nevertheless, the German producer’s latest recording is just a little too addictive to not mention here. ‘The Blues’ is definitely one of the more unique tropical tracks right now, especially in a genre that sometimes feels a little stagnant. Must listen!


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