NEW MUSIC: Markus Hakala – Just A Dream

New track on Macarize that could find its way into trance sets by household trance names such as Armin van Buuren, but might as well fit into an evening curated by Eric Prydz.

Macarize is a Swedish trance label by Kristoffer Ljungberg that has been around since 2011. Some of its best known releases – Macarize has had quite a few of them in the past five years – feature artists such as Ljungberg himself, EDU, Sam Davies, Alex O’Rion and LoveTone & Turismo. Inbetween releasing official EPs, Ljungberg’s label has been allowing their followers to download some tracks for free. And last week this new track by Helsinki based producer Markus Hakala popped up.

Hakala’s track ‘Just A Dream’ finds itself somewhere between a modern understanding of trance music and progressive house music sounds like. Plenty of melody, steady buildups, track goes on in a steady 126 beats per minute. Doesn’t go overboard on being too uplifting or melodramatic either. Proper progressive track with some good dynamics by the Helsinki producer.

Speaking of the producer himself, Markus Hakala has a habit of giving away free tracks trough Soundcloud. As one of the few producers who dare to structurally do so, Hakala has a link through which people can support his work by making Paypal donations. People who want to donate can go here – and it is probably something more producers might want to set up for themselves. No costs involved, just a way to make some extra money every once in a while.

Also if this Markus Hakala track is something you like, come back later and try the new technical house playlist (which will feature a few shades of house and techno, think progressive, tech and deeper things). Starting this month all electronic music finds will go into new playlists such as this one. Genres vary between house (both mainstream and more on the technical side), bass, electronic pop and rock and even some harder styles. Find all Selections here.


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