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August 28, 2016 / Funk

French touch on Miike Snow’s january released single ‘Genghis Khan’ by French producer Factuel. Factuel is Fabien Saubrement, a producer from Marseille, France. If that’s a familiar name to you, it’s probably thanks to this track that was premiered last…

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August 27, 2016 / Bass

Gallant’s original ‘Bourbon’ has already been doing quite well since early this year on Youtube, Spotify and what not. For those in need of a spiced up version, Onda provides. Onda is a duo from Los Angeles – Sam Wishkoski…

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August 27, 2016 / Funk
August 27, 2016 / House

As shared by many others already, the new Red Bull Studios EP by KiNK is out and it’s a free bunch of tracks. The Bulgarian dj worked it out in Paris with Rachel Row and support by, Red Bull, Trax…

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August 26, 2016 / House
July 19, 2016 / House
July 19, 2016 / House

Two weeks ago Rambo V shared this little gem with the world. ‘So Good To See You’ is one of those house tracks that just stands out. Most of the Music that passes through different inboxes daily is very song…

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July 19, 2016 / Bass