Chamber of Secrets.

This is not a post about a geeky looking figure flying broomsticks and fighting some obscure noseless guy.

Meet Cardiff based producer Lawrence Whitehead. He is nineteen years young, studies Creative Music Technology and produces/plays music under the name Tolerance. That’s not all. “I also serve coffee to grannies in order to fund my excessive vinyl/equipment spending, not forgetting my over-indulgent eating habits.”

If you want to place his music in a genre, Dubstep and Drum and Bass would be it, But forget about roaring basslines and snaredrums that will shuffle up your stomach. His music is (also) very granny-friendly. On his myspace he writes: “I don’t design these tunes for dance-floors, often resulting in the outcome sounding as though it would be appropriate listening material when overcoming a hang-over, rather than on a night out.” Enough with the tease, here’s his latest, a great track:
Chamber Of Secrets by Tolerance
You can also pick up an older mix he did. According to Tolerance, there’s a lot more talent coming from his home town. “I would recommend checking out people such as Dan Marshall, Lung, KSZZ, Maxx Roach and Magenta if you’re interested in hearing some fine d&b/dubstep.”


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  1. January 16, 2010

    Just come accross your blog on digg, whats your favorite social bookmark site?

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